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TD KurganServiceCenter LLC is based on April 6, 2010

Leading directions of the our activity now are:

Complex service and supply of the excavator, tractor and loading technics:

  • delivery of the spare parts and hinged equipment
  • repair of the mechanical units and hydraulic equipment
  • replacement slewing rings for different models of excavators
  • diagnostics of the hydraulic and electrical circuits
  • equipment upgrade of the old russian excavators
  • delivery and service of the electronic components for the modern excavators

Delivery, repair and service of the components (hydropumps, hydromotors, valves) for industrial and mobile hydrodrive, including:

  • Development, manufacturing and introduction of hydraulic systems by the customers technical project 
  • engineering and selection hydraulic equipment
  • optimize (modernization) existing hydraulic circuits
  • test, starting-up and adjustment works, diagnostic

Repair of the diesel engines

Delivery of the equipment for diagnostics and tests

  • probing systems for hydraulic equipment
  • diagnostic equipment for hydraulics

Delivery of the high-pressure hose​ and filters (oil, air, hydraulic)

For our foreign partners especially interesting should be supply of tractors, excavators and bulldozers produced in Russia and Belarus, spare parts for them.